Maurice has the special ability to truly listen to people, to look through all the obstacles, limitations or masks and see someone real. Thus he succeeds again and again to accomplish things that no one thought possible. To himself, but also for others. He proves once again that nothing is impossible in life. - Marion van Es
I have known Maurice for many years and have heard him and seen him several times and strangely enough also felt him presenting his lectures. He brings out a deeper level of feelings and thoughts. He did so in his own way even with a large group of stoma and continence nurses on Saturday November 26, 2016 at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen. Maurice can move people in a unique way; with or without NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). His way of thinking that the 'upper room' is the limiting factor in everything we do, gets you thinking. With the right mindset, everything is possible. Maurice like no one else can tell his stories very pictorial. - Raymond Hovens
I have had the opportunity to share the stage with Maurice several times. His greatest strength is his absolute positivism what he immediately conveys to his audience. He is very interested in the person behind the masks, and may very well connect with people on a deeper level. Furthermore Maurice is a wonderful storyteller so I can definitely recommend him if you're looking for a good speaker or trainer who can really make an impact. - Cyril Kortleven
You impress your fighting-adversary with your looks and attitude, which is one of the most important things Maurice taught me. If you radiate confidence and strength, you actually are mindly one step in front of your component. Because Maurice knows from his own experience how important it is to explain and live the knowledge of perseverance. - Jaron Kapitein, mentally coached by Maurice for judo competitions.
Maurice has taught me to cope with my down moments. Rather than a train hurtling through, I allow myself to feel those moments. That helps me to connect with my angry and sad moments and accept them. Then I am able to think back of all the things I'm proud of and what I've achieved. By reliving those thoughts it builds peace moments in my life, I can accept all the fun things that come my way with both hands. - Nynke Koelma, has a progressive muscle disease and has been mentally coached by Maurice.
As experience-expert Maurice shows that it is not about what you cannot, but rather what you still can. Many young people in our institution have been told all their lives that they cannot function in our society, and just at that crucial point Maurice shows them what they are still able to do. He was able to re-deploy the force in those vulnerable young people. To work this way, people with disabilities are less dependent on aid workers. - Ron Alderden, manager at New Amstelrade, a care-institute for people with physical disabilities or people with brain injury.

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