In 2016 a publishing company Lucht produced a book called “Life is a choice!” by Maurice Wiegman in collaboration with journalist Marion van Es.

Imagine you are in the prime of your life, you have a wife and two young children and a good job. You’re the drummer in a band, an active runner and cyclist, and regularly play football with your son. Then suddenly you appear to be seriously  ill and end up in a wheelchair. This happened to Maurice Wiegman (1966). He spent six months on a mattress in the living room, grieving for all he had lost. Then he made the choice to live again. Over ten years after the diagnosis, Maurice can take credit for countless sporting achievements, including three medals for half a triathlon. He runs his own successful coaching business. Despite the many obstacles he encounters on the way, and the daily pain he deals with, he has made his dreams come true. Every human being is faced with adversity in his life. Sometimes that setback is so heavy that it feels like the end of the world. You have no idea how to continue. This book helps you to look forward and find new goals, no matter how impossible it may seem. Based on his own experiences, inspiring stories, practical tips and plenty of space to write your own thoughts, Maurice teaches you, by means of this book, to discover that much more is possible than you may think.

Bruna – “Life is a choise!” – “Life is a choise!

In 2005 “Is there a difference?” was published. This book is about the first year after Maurice’s diagnosis, during which he was followed by journalist Marianne Ames and photographer Marcel Rozenberg. What comes your way when you have just been told that you will spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair? – “Is there a difference?