About Maurice


Always positive, passionate, powerful and helpful, this is what characterizes Maurice like no other. Due to a muscle disease, he has been paralyzed from the lower back downwards since 2004, meaning he is now rolling through life instead of walking. But despite his body not always cooperating, Maurice seeks new goals and challenges every day. He is now more involved with his family than ever and has set up his own training and coaching company. Helping others to discover their strengths and passions is one of his biggest motivators.

Sport is an important outlet for Maurice. It is his way of letting out his pain and frustration when life lets him down. When things are looking up, he can fully enjoy the freedom he experiences as he cycles through nature on his hand bike. Through his perseverance and discipline he has achieved a lot in sport: he rode several quarter- and half-triathlons at home and abroad. Not competitions organized specifically to cater to disabled people, but regular sporting events. Maurice is, in fact, a strong supporter of the inclusive society: where everyone can be themselves in their own right, and where talent is paramount, regardless of background, gender, age or disability.

One of his great dreams is that the Paralympic and Olympic Games one day be combined into a single event. His wheelchair is after all just a means of transport for Maurice, it says nothing about who he is or what he is capable of. “I cannot walk, but other than that I can do anything.”